We hold events once or more a month for both children and adults.

Lecture by researcher

Researchers in BRH give lecture his or her own research and
talks with the audience.

Laboratory tour

We invite the lay person to our laboratories three times a year, and show them what we are doing. Sometimes they can enjoy experiment.

Summer school

2 days experience of BRH life in summer. About 20 persons participate the BRH activity and present their results at the end.

2018 Schedule of events

January 20 1:30pm- Lecture by researcher(Chikara HASHIMOTO,Ph.D)
February 17 2:00pm- Gallery talk and workshop(Communications & Production Sector)
March 10 10:30am- Film Viewing
March 17 2:00pm- Mini concert and lecture(Yukiko NISHII / Sawa IWASAKI,Ph.D.)
April 21 2:00pm- Lecture by researcher(Zhi-Hui SU,Ph.D)
May 19 1:00pm- Symposium(Hitoshi SAWA,Ph.D. / Takuji IWASATO,Ph.D. / Hironori NIKI,Ph.D. / Chikara HASHIMOTO,Ph.D)
June 16 1:30pm- Open laboratory
July 21 2:00pm- Lecture by researcher(Atsushi UGAJIN,Ph.D.)
August 2-3 Summer school
August 18 1:30pm- Talk and workshop
September 15 1:30pm- Symposium
October 12,13 10:30am- Film Viewing
October 20 2:00pm- Lecture by researcher(Koichi ARIMOTO,Ph.D.)
November 17 1:30pm- Open laboratory
December 2:00pm- Lecture by researcher(Hiroki ODA,Ph.D.)

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