What's Biohistory

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A new form of knowledge that observes the livingness of many forms of life, including humans, and asks, "How shall we live?"

Biohistory looks at how life has evolved and diversified since the emergence of the first living organisms in the seas 3.8 billion years ago. All living creatures contain DNA (genomes), the history of which can be traced back to that ancient event, making DNA (and genomes) an enormous historical archive. By reading that history, we can learn more about life, humanity and nature, and harness that knowledge toward building our society.

Our activity

Our activity

Biohistory is constantly thinking of ways to describe the activity of life in familiar Japanese terms. Love (me-zuru), relate (kakawaru), living (ikiru)... these words come to mind almost unbidden when we think about the nature of life. By observing living creatures and contemplating on life, we seek to give rise to new forms of knowledge and build a society that treasures life. Gently, quietly, steadily. We call on people from many fields and disciplines to join us in these endeavors.

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