Exhibitions in BRH

Actors in Biohistory  - Lungfishes and walking sticks

Permanent exhibition
Exhibition hall 1F

walking sticks exhibit

Specimen of a walking stick from Australia, and a model of the regeneration of a self-amputated limb.
The body of a walking stick looks just like a tree branch!

Japanese walking stick living within the BRH. A pale green young insect has just emerged from its egg. Over time, it will mature and mate and lay eggs of its own.

Lungfish exhibit

There have been a number of important milestones in evolutionary history – beginning with the origin of life, and many others....which you can learn all about in “The Stairway of Biohistory.” The advent of life on land is such development, and one that has direct implications for human evolution as well. This occurred fairly early in the nearly 4 billion-year history evolution, and can be found near the top of the stairs. Respiration switched from gills to lungs, fins became limbs, and all of these transitions can be imagined vividly by observing the body of the lungfish.

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