Past exhibitions

Photosynthesis - Energy and the living things -

From Nov. 1, 2000 to Mar. 30, 2002
Gallery (2F)

You all know that photosynthesis is carried out endlessly in the beautiful green leaves of plants. Unfortunately, animals can’t conduct photosynthesis; therefore, we have to rely on plants for all nutrition to sustain our lives.
The process of photosynthesis is very precise and intricate, and there has been no progress in simulating the technique of photosynthesis even though the challenge of developing such a technique is under way.
This fantastic photosynthesis first appeared in bacteria more than 2 billion years ago. Bacteria are amazing, don’t you think so?
What’s the relationship of energy to the living things?
Through the mechanisms and the history of photosynthesis and respiration, we consider energy together with the neat perfection of living things.

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