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Elmer’s Biohistory Adventure: The dragon who became a bird

From November, 2011
Gallery 2F

Elmer, a young boy who dreams of flying, is taught by the cat Schrodinger and comes to Dobutsu Isle, where he encounters many animals as he traces evolution, on his way to rescue the world’s last surviving dinosaur, after which they fly off together.

This exhibit includes photos and illustrations on the evolution of many animal species, including whales, rhinoceroses, lions, and gorillas, against the natural background of Dobutsu Isle. Learn about how vertebrates evolved from fish to amphibians and reptiles, how dinosaurs evolved into birds, and how mammals emerged.

“My Father’s Dragon,” written by Ruth Stiles Gannett, is a popular children’s story of how a young Elmer Elevator rescues a baby dragon trapped among animals before learning to fly together. Ei Okada, a researcher in developmental biology and wife of Prof. Tokindo Okada emeritus adviser of BRH , created this diorama of Elmer’s adventure. You are invited to come along for the ride!

Elmer’s Biohistory Adventure: The dragon who became a bird

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