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What's DNA? Part1-3

We started to produce the computer graphics [What's DNA] in 1997 and now part 3 is completed. This video would be interesting both of biological experts and lay persons, we believe. In [What's DNA Part3], we show the recombination and repair of DNA by computer graphics and watercolor paintings.

What's DNA? Part1-3

What's DNA? Part.1

How and where does DNA exist?

  • 1. Structure of DNA – Eukaryote

How does DNA work?

  • 2. How DNA works - Eukaryote -6min.
  • 3. Unlace DNAspan>4min.
  • 4. Produce mRNA3mim.
  • 5. Produce protein8mim.

How about the DNA of Prokaryote?

  • 6. Structure of DNA – Prokaryote2min.
  • 7. How DNA works – Prokaryote30sec.

What's DNA? Part.2

This video was made for people who have heard the word DNA, but don't know where and how DNA exists or what DNA does.

What's DNA? Part.2

The message following the video

The world of elements which we just saw in the video is a world we usually can't see, but now with the latest scientific experimental technology, it has become possible for us to know about the world of elements.
The knowledge of things we can't usually see may at last be ours when we finally see those things in an ordinary way. In this video, we have tried to look, from the beginning, at DNA which is essential to all living things, while at the same time, share the curiosity of scientists and their discoveries. We will be very pleased if this video gives you some idea of DNA constantly working in the cells in your body.

What's DNA? Part.3

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Unstable genome (Repair of DNA)

Can seeing of a part of the image.

DNA in a cell is damaged continuously. Therefore it is essential DNA repair system in a cell.

56kversion(532K)256kversion (3.8MB)

56kversion(200K)256kversion (1.2MB)

Changing DNA (Recombination of DNA)

Can seeing of a part of the image.

We human all have human genome but no one has the same genome.The diversity and individuality of genome is generated by meiosis.

56kversion(432K)256kversion (3.2MB)

56kversion(156K)256kversion (1.0MB)

Holliday structure

Detailed mechanism of recombination

Origin of recombination

Is the origin of recombination restart of DNA replication?


Can seeing of a part of the image.

From crystal structure analysis, it became clear that most part of ribosome is made of RNA.

56kversion(544K)256kversion (4.0MB)

56kversion(200K)256kversion (1.2MB)

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Mr. Hirokazu Tanaka / Dogado
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Mr. Yosuke Takamizu / Music
Mr. Atsushi Takefusa / Narration
Mr. Ken Sakata / SoundVideo

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