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2014 Biohistory's Annual Theme [Move]
Vol.81 Summer-Vol.81 Autumn

Vol. 82Sometimes it's not only "move" but also "transfer"

Creating the mythology of tomorrow from Tohoku
Norio Akasaka×Keiko Nakamura
Fusion of sex chromosomes and differentiation of species
Jun Kitano
Looking at the relationship between blinking and brain information processing
Tamami Nakano
Scientist Library
Opening the genomic era from chloroplasts
Masahiro Sugiura

Vol.81Moving steadily and sometimes nimbly

Seeking the nature of new knowledge
Shinichi Nishikawa×Keiko Nakamura
Placenta diversification and ancient viruses
Takayuki Miyawaza
Exploring the factors of simultaneous flowering in Borneo rainforests
Yayoi Takeuchi
Scientist Library
From the discovery of the proteasome to the center of life sciences
Keiji Tanaka

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