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2002 eddition Theme for the year "What is man?"
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Biohistory Journal, Summer, 2002 "Humans from the viewpoint of information"
    The topic for this year is human beings. It has been 10 years since the founding of the Biohistory Journal for the narrative of life in the genome. A map of the human genome has been published, increasing interest in human beings, but this interest is primarily through the focus of science and technology, including medical care and pharmaceutical development. Today, as progress is being made on deciphering the genomes of other living creatures, we have become interested in knowing about homo sapiens as distinct from among the different living creatures and the human beings that later evolved.
    Our first interest has been in the brain, but the brain is not unique to human beings, and, from the perspective of the body, is just one organ. What is it that makes human beings human beings? When we thought about it, language came to mind.
    The genome and language—does language make human beings human beings in the same way the genome enables the living organism to exist as a living organism? Biohistory Journal No. 33 examines genome information sciences and linguistics research, with a focus on the dialogue with Prof. Tsujii, who approaches language from within the context of information science.
    Scientist Library examines the life of Dr. Takashi Sugimura, who wrote “Butterflies, Cancer, the Unknown, and Me”. We're sure you'll enjoy reading how Dr. Sugimura's research career has overlapped the history of cancer research.
(Keiko Nakamura)
Prof. Jun-ichi Tsujii & Keiko Nakamura
Humans from the viewpoint of information 
Prof. Jun-ichi Tsujii,
Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, University of Tokyo
Keiko Nakamura,
Gneral Director, JT Biohistory Research Hall
 How should we decipher the genome and language?
The similarity between language and genomes 
Masaaki Nagata,
NTT Cyber Space Laboratories
To find out a kind of law hidden in genome sequence 
Kiyoshi Asai,
Computational Biology Research Center, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
 Scientist Library
The apotosis of cancer cells by substance from butterfly larvae  Takashi Sugimura
Takashi Sugimura,
President Emeritus, National Cancer Center
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