Quarterly journal 'Biohistory'

2013 Biohistory’s Theme [Open] Special double issue for our 20th anniversary 79+80

Three representations of biohistory We have combined the three standard representations of the basis of biohistory to create a symbol mark that give integrated view.

This year is our 20th anniversary. I realize that we have grown up through the support of many people. All of this began with the idea of taking the position that human beings are fundamentally organisms, thinking about what it means to be alive and wanting to use that knowledge to best advantage for society. After 20 years of thinking through research on small organisms, we want to be like living things, proceeding steadily on the path of change without changing fundamentals. With the wish of new development as adults, this year's theme is "Open" opening horizons, opening doors, opening developments, looking for novelty and diversity while being conscious of time and space.
This time we've created a double issue for our 20th anniversary. First the origins of BRH established by the first director Tokindo Okada, then the history in the 20 years since then, and a look at the biohistory journal archives. It is packed with everything over these 20 years. The Talk discusses the common points between words and living things with Nakami Yamaguchi based on our origin of "love". The Scientist Library is Susumu Tonegawa. After having received the Nobel Prize for his research in immunology, he started research on the brain and continues to think about various things today.

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