Katsuhisa Ozaki (Lab Leader)

  • Research Area Entomology, Molecular Biology, Ecology
  • Degree Ph. D

Using swallowtail butterflies as research materials, I aim to understand in molecular mechanisms how various creatures are "living" while interacting with each other.

Atsushi Ugajin (Postdoctoral Researcher)

  • Research Area Neuroethology of non-model insects
  • Degree Ph. D

I study brain of swallowteil butterflies now.

Yurie Hirosaki (Research Assistant)

  • Research Area Molecular Biology
  • Degree bachelor's degree of agriculture

I support a lot of things in the lab.

Rei Miyashita

  • Research Area Molecular Biology

I study molecular mechanisms of detoxification genes in the larvae of swallowtail butterflies.