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The members of four laboratories research about development, evolution, and ecosystem.

Cell is a basic unit of "living". Based on this standpoint, we try to unveil the tale of living things such as butterflies, spiders,
fig wasps and frogs from the perspectives of development, evolution, and ecosystem.
We have a lot of such interesting topics as: the developments of spiders and frogs from an egg (a cell),
insects' diversity and insect-plant coevolution, and the selection of host plants by butterflies.

Publication List

Evolution of Insect Host
Selection Mechanism

Katsuhisa OZAKI

Female butterflies innately know suitable plants for their larvae in spite of not eat leaves because they drink nectar. We aim to understand of biological interaction between insects and plants through identification of molecular mechanisms for host recognition in chemosensory hair on foreleg tarsi of adult female butterflies.

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Evolutionary Cell and
Developmental Biology

Hiroki ODA

To understand the deep origins of animal diversity, we compare mechanisms of development and cell-cell adhesion mainly using Drosophila and the spider Parasteatoda tepidariorum.

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Communications & Production Sector

We quest for an expression of a scientific idea and its research result.
A unique expression is a great source for new ideas.

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