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Exhibitions in BRH


A Concert Hall for Science Biohistory Research Hall is full of beautiful pictures and videos of the exhibits held by BRH that express – like musical performance at a concert hall – the stories about the history of living creatures and the way of living. You can experience the BRH’s view of the world throughout this book.


Latest exhibitions

Exhibitions on DNA, cell, genome, ontogeny and evolution demonstrate a view of living world.
The exhibition including the specimens of egg and embryo, illustrations, movies , CG , and living lungfishes etc.
When you enter the BRH, an exhibition “the stairs of Biohistory” catches your eyes. The bottom of the stairs indicates the birth of the Earth and top of the stairs indicates present time. The universality and diversity of living creatures are illustrated by pictures on the wall. You can feel and think the history of the life for 3.8 billion years by each step that meaning a hundred million year period.
You go into Biohistory by watching the exhibitions of DNA and cells in your body, development from egg, comparison of animal skeletons. The illustration gaining ground of living things 500 million years ago welcome you in the gallery. Please visit and enjoy our exhibition hall.

Past exhibitions