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The copyrights to this site are owned by JT Biohistory Research Hall. Copying or duplication of the contents of this site in whole or in part without express permission is strictly prohibited.
If you would like to use the contents, please request permission for use using the contact here.

Recommended viewing environment

The following browser versions, etc. are recommended for comfortable and safe viewing of the Biohistory Research Hall website.

  • The site may not function properly if viewed using environments other than the recommended environments.

Recommended OS and browser

When using Windows

OS:Windows 7 or higher
Browser: Internet Explorer 11.0 or higher, Firefox, Google Chrome

When using Macintosh

OS: Mac OS X or higher
Browser: Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome

  • However, please note that even when the OS and browser are within the recommended environments above, some problems may still occur depending on the usage environment, OS/browser combination, etc.


Adobe Reader(Adobe Acrobat Reader)

The Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Reader is necessary to view or print PDF files.
The Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded here:


Some pages of the Biohistory Research Hall website use JavaScript.
If JavaScript is disabled in your browser settings, the page may not function properly or may not be displayed properly. In order to enjoy all contents on the site, please enable JavaScript in your browser settings.


The Biohistory Research Hall website uses SSL-encrypted communication to protect privacy.
No special browser settings are required to use SSL. By using a security-compatible browser, personal information such as your name, address, telephone number, etc. that you may input in some pages are automatically encrypted before transmission. Due to this encryption, there is no need to worry about leaking of information even in the unlikely event that transmission data is intercepted by a third party. When viewing a page that uses SSL security, a lock or similar mark will appear in the browser to indicate that security is in use. (The exact mark and location in the browser will depend on the particular browser.)

Site linking

If you would like to link to the Bioresearch History Hall top page or scientist library pages, please inform us using this form. For other pages, or when using special linking methods, please inform us of that also.
The following types of links are strictly prohibited:

  • Links that show pages of this website in whole or in part in the frame of a separate page.
  • Links that give the impression or may cause misunderstandings that JT Biohistory Research Hall supports or has a special relationship with any specific business, political party, religion, association, etc.


This website introduces URLs or copyrighted material from external sites. However, such content is only for data collection purposes, and JT Biohistory Research Hall accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy, etc. of such content.