Privacy policy

Biohistory Research Hall, Inc. recognizes its social responsibility, and will strive to properly handle and protect requested personal information. We have defined our personal information protection policy as described below. Our managers and employees will follow this policy to ensure the fullest possible protection of your personal information.

  • This hall will comply with all laws, regulations, etc. concerning the proper handling of personal information.
  • This hall will place the highest priority on the protection of personal information, and strive for its properly collection, use, and sharing. Except for when required by law, personal information will not be shared with a third party without obtaining the prior permission of the person whose information will be shared.
  • This hall shall ensure that all managers and employees understand the importance of protecting personal information and shall train all managers and employees on the proper handling of personal information.
  • This hall shall strive to prevent the unauthorized access to, tampering with, destruction of, or loss or leakage of personal information, and shall implement proper system structures and safety control equipment.
  • This hall shall continually review and improve its management organization and handling for the protection of personal information.

Biohistory Research Hall, Inc.

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