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Back Issues

We published our first issue of Biohistory Quarterly back when we opened the BRH. From the start, we have positioned this quarterly as an innovative form of expression that places the latest scientific advances within a framework of music and other cultural attainments.
The 100th issue of the Biohistory Quarterly came out in 2019, and now the collection contains more than 800 articles and fills a bookshelf. Browse through it for some fascinating reading.

Three online interfaces are available to access articles within our Biohistory Archive, an accumulation of articles and reports dating back to the first issue of Biohistory Quarterly (November 1992).

  • Biohistory as Told in Verbs (Japanese only)

    This unusual search capability allows user to explore the essence of life through verbs; for example, “to live,” “to continue,” “to weave,” “to fluctuate.”

  • The Biohistory Worldview (Japanese only)

    Biohistory is an area of study that, while centered on the life sciences, extends to all fields of scientific and artistic inquiry into what it means to be alive. Accessible here is a graphical overview of these and related endeavors.

  • Advances in Life Science Research (Japanese only)

    Here we can view a “scientist library,” a collection of the life stories of the scientists and researchers who built the foundation for the study of biohistory in Japan and overseas. It is arranged by yearly progression from the advent of molecular biology to the present day.