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Scientists who have done the distinguished research talk about background and research. It tells us the essence of science.
*These articles were written for quarterly journal "Biohistory". The affiliations of scientists indicate those at the time of publication.


The discover of the oncogene [vol.23]

Kumao Toyoshima

University of Tokyo

From research of virus to discovery of the oncogene [vol.34]

Hidesaburo Hanafusa

Osaka Bioscience Institute

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The survival of the luckiest –The neutral theory of evolution [vol.3]

Motoo Kimura

National Institute of Genetics

Enjoy the romantic age of molecular genetics [vol.11]

Haruo Ozeki

Kyoto University

Mice taught me about Genetics [vol.22]

Kazuo Moriwaki

Graduate University for Advanced Studie

Marine biology

Wandering and searching for the evolution of the living creatures in the sea [vol.7]

Saburo Nishimura

Kyoto University

Basic medicine

The apotosis of cancer cells by substance from butterfly larvae [vol.33]

Takashi Sugimura

National Cancer Center

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The study of metamorphic hormones in insects [vol.8]

Hironori Ishizaki

Nagoya University

The days of love for the butterfly –The classification of butterflies [vol.14]

Takashi Shirouzu

Kyushu University


The success of formation of neuromuscular junction in vitro [vol.4]

Junnosuke Nakai

JT Biohistory Research Hall

Paramecium’s sex and my life [vol.6]

Koichi Hiwatashi

Ishinomaki Senshu University

To observe the structure and function of cells under a microscope [vol.15]

Kiyoshi Hama

National Institute for Basic Biology

The success of cell fusion [vol.17]

Yoshio Okada

Senri Life Science Foundation,
Osaka University

The mechanism of multiplication of the cell [vol.25]

Yoshio Masui

University of Toronto

Observing with the Heart -With persistence [vol.38]

Tsuneyoshi Kuroiwa

Rikkyo University,University of Tokyo

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Observing the unexplored cells [vol.61]

Nobutaka Hirokawa

University of Tokyo

Attracted to the cell which survives through eating itself [vol.62]

Yoshinori Osumi

Tokyo Institute of Technology


To make taxonomy into science [vol.10]

Kunio Iwatsuki

University of Tokyo

What is a species? - The challenge of new taxonomy [vol.29]

Shoichi Kawano

Kyoto University

Looking at plants, asking plants [vol.52]

Hiroh Shibaoka

Osaka University

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Evolutionary studies

The discovery of change of genetic code [vol.2]

Shozo Osawa

JT Biohistory Research Hall


From the sea squirt to me –The evolution of the brain and the mind [vol.9]

Setsuya Fujita

Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine

Making discoveries by introducing new methodologies [vol.53]

Shigetada Nakanishi

Osaka Bioscience Institute

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Field science in the 21st century [vol.45]

Takeru Akazawa

Kochi University of Technology

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Fisheries sciences

To learn from the crucian [vol.13]

Hiroshi Onozato

Shinshu University

Reproductive biology explored with fish [vol.73]

Yoshitaka Nagahama

Ehime University


The importance of calcium in living creatures [vol.12]

Setsuro Ebashi

University of Tokyo

Proteins and my research history [vol.18]

Kazutomo Imahori

Mitsubishi-Kasei Institute of
Life Sciences

The mechanism of long distance flight of the insects [vol.20]

Haruo Chino

Hokkaido University

The research of oxygenase and a sleep substance [vol.28]

Osamu Hayaishi

Kyoto University,
Osaka Bioscience Institute Foundation

All about thermophiles [vol.43]

Tairo Oshima

Tokyo University of Pharmacy and
Life Science,
Tokyo Institute of Technology

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Fell in love with enzymes [vol.44]

Arthur Kornberg

Stanford University School of Medicine

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The form of living creatures as seen from the manner of DNA multiplication [vol.46]

Hiroshi Yoshikawa

JT Biohistory Research Hall,
Osaka University,
Nara Institute of Science and Technorogy

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The mysterious of turning ATP synthase [vol.67]

Masasuke Yoshida

Kyoto Sangyo University,
Tokyo Institute of Technology


Keeping thinking why animals continue traveling [vol.68]

Katsumi Tsukamoto

University of Tokyo


Continuing to question the essence [vol.40]

Takashi Miyata

Kyoto University

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Biophysics, which connects evolution to the form of proteins [vol.47]

Michiko Go

Ochanomizu University,
Nagahama Institute of Bio-Science and
Technology, Nagoya University

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Seeking the source of the characteristics of living creatures in physics [vol.49]

Fumio Osawa

Nagoya University.
Osaka University,
Aichi Institute of Technology

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Discover the "fluctuation" in the basiclife phenomenon [vol.58]

Toshio Yanagida

Osaka University


Forty year struggle with muscle contraction [vol.24]

Kosaku Maruyama

Chiba University

Demonstration of the importance of the cerebellum [vol.27]

Masao Ito

RIKEN Brain Science Institute

Earth science

Perspective of biogeochemistry and sociogeochemistry

Eitaro Wada

Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science
and Technology,Kyoto University,
Research Institute for Humanity and


Exploring the forests of evolution and biodiversity from statistics [vol.70]

Masami Hasegawa

Fudan University,
Institute of Statistical Mathematics

Animal ethology

In monkey’s forest – Find out of Nature’s secret [vol.31]

Yukimaru sugiyama

Kyoto University,Tokaigakuen University

Cognitive science

Seeing the evolution of mind with a spirit of pioneer [vol.72]

Tetsuro Matsuzawa

Kyoto University


Developmental biology and genetics connected by the Drosophilla [vol.16]

Masukichi Okada

University of Tsukuba

The new aspects of hydra with molecular biology [vol.21]

Tsutomu Sugiyama

Ishinomaki Senshu University

Developmental biology of the newt [vol.30]

Tokindo S. Okada

JT Biohistory Research Hall,
Kyoto University

The mechanism of reproduction in mammals [vol.36]

Ryuzo Yanagimachi

University of Hawaii

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Creating the future of Japanese science-The beginning of embryonic engineering [vol.39]

Motoya Katsuki

National Research Institutes

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Neural circuits by trial and error [vol.48]

Hajime Fujisawa

Nagoya University

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From a cell to an individual organism [vol.51]

Masatoshi Takeichi

Riken Center for Developmental Biology

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From development to evolution -Time of living creatures through the study of sea squirt [vol.56]

Noriyuki Sato

Kyoto University


Serendipity –The discovery of alkaliphilic bacteria [vol.19]

Koki Horikoshi

Toyo University

Molecular genetics

Genetics of behavior –Search for the new theory [vol.42]

Yoshiki Hotta

University of Tokyo,
Inter-University Research
Institute Corporation

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From chromosome research to life inheritance science [vol.54]

Mitsuhiro Yanagida

Kyoto University

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Molecular biology

“Intuitional Imagination” –The discovery of RNA modification [vol.5]

Yoshiro Shimura

Kyoto University

Continue thinking about humans and life through the genome [vol.26]

Kenichi Matsubara

Osaka University

The discovery of Okazaki fragment [vol.32]

Tsuneko Okazaki

Fujita Health University

Sheding light on black box of biological clock [vol.55]

Takao Kondo

Takao Kondo

Challenge the human cancer virus [vol.57]

Mitsuaki Yoshida

University of Tokyo

Continuing to question -Immunity, olfaction, and next [vol.63]

Hitoshi Sakano

University of Tokyo

Spreading apart of glycobiology from glutathione metabolism [vol.64]

Naoyuki Taniguchi

Osaka University,
RIKEN Advanced Science Institute

Overview and thoroughness. From molecule to cell and developmen [vol.65]

Katsuhiko Mikoshiba

RIKEN Brain Science Institute,
University of Tokyo

Molecular genetics flourished with Arabidopsis [vol.71]

Kiyotaka Okada

National Institutes of Natural Sciences,
ational Institute for Basic Biology

Link the vital phenomena using chemistry, and connect persons [vol.74]

Akira Isogai

Nara Institute of Science and Technology


What we learned about nature with the oribatid mite classification [vol.41]

Jun-ichi Aoki

Yokohama National University,
Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of
Natural History

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The mechanism of immunity and allergy [vol.35]

Kimishige Ishizaka

La Jolla Institute for Allergy and.

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Fascinated by the mechanism of immunity-Engaging all things fully and with vigor [vol.37]

Tasuku Honjo

Kyoto University

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Apply the essence of research to medicine [vol.59]

Tadamitsu Kishimoto

Osaka University

Establish a field to see life from death [vol.66]

Shigekazu Nagata

Kyoto University

Connecting the points of natural immunity [vol.69]

Akira Shizuo

Osaka University

Exploring immunity by changing anxiety into enjoyment [vol.75]

Tadatsugu Taniguchi

University of Tokyo