Hiroki ODA (Group Leader)

  • Research Area Developmental biology, Cell biology, Evolutionary biology (Evo-Cell-Devo)
  • Degree Ph.D.

I am interested in understanding the relationship between the evolution of cell systems and the diversification of animal body plans. To address this issue, I have focused my efforts on investigating the ancestral and derived states of cell-cell junction and the ancestral and derived mechanisms of body pattern formation taking advantages of the insect and spider arthropod models.

Yasuko AKIYAMA-ODA (Researcher)

  • Research Area Developmental biology
  • Degree Ph.D.

I am interested in early embryogenesis of animals. Now, my study focuses on periodic stripe formation in the spider Parasteatoda tepidariorum.

Motohiro Fujiwara (Post-Doctoral fellow)

  • Research Area Developmental biology, Theoretical biology
  • Degree M.S.

I'm interested in multicellular morphogenesis, especially mechanics of cells. I use mathematical models for my research.

Takanori Akaiwa (Post-graduate student)

  • Research Area Developmental biology

I'm interested in the segmentation of arthropods. I want to elucidate the mechanism of segmentation mainly by using single cell RNA sequencing.

Akiko NODA (Research Assistant)

  • Research Area