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Past Events

Philos for Living Organisms (10th anniversary commemorative event)

In commemoration of our 10th anniversary, we held an event to introduce “philos” as an axis within which to frame the combined research/expressive nature of work at the JT Biohistory Research Hall.
Philos, a sustained sense of affinity and affection for living creatures, is fundamental to the study of biohistory. Unlike a machine, a living creature is far more than a collection of parts. It lives, it breaths, it rejoices, it suffers. It tells us what it means to be alive (Keiko Nakamura, Tokindo S. Okada).

Date: November 29, 2003 (Saturday)
Place: JT ART HALL Affinis (Toranomon, Tokyo)

The history of the JT Biohistory Research Hall as told with slides and a piano

Photos: Naruaki Onishi Piano: Keita Kosaka Musical selection: Tokindo S. Okada

Part 1: The Magnificence of Life

Musical accompaniment: Joseph Haydn, Piano Sonata in E-flat major, Hob. XVI/49, L.59

Part 2: Salon of the Butterflies

Musical accompaniment:
Impromptu en fa majeur, Op.35 n5
Automne en re bemol majerur, Op.35 n2
Tarentelle en re majeur, Op.35 n6

Musical recitation: The emaki keeps talking: we all came from one cell

Performers: Katsuko Morita, Emi Ono
Piano: Takako Sawasato
Scriptwriters: Yoko Yamazaki , Keiko Nakamura
Composer: Yumi Nakamura
Images: Fumiko Hori

JT Biohistory Research Hall foyer exhibits

Promenade of Biohistory; Exhibit Out-loan Initiative; An Introduction to Our Labs; Biohistory New Emaki

Promenade of Biohistory
Biohistory New Emaki