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Past Events

Philos for Living Organisms Ⅱ (20th anniversary commemorative event)

In commemoration of our 20th anniversary, we held an event to reexamine “philos” as a conceptual framework for the combined research/expressive nature of our work at the JT Biohistory Research Hall.

“’People are living creatures and, as such, part of nature’ -- this is how we express our worldview, and this is how we set the stage for the story of biohistory. We listen to what these little creatures are trying to tell us; we study what they have to say; we uncover stories. And from these stories we extract knowledge, and with this knowledge we seek to create a better society, one protective of nature and the life it brings forth. And with this foremost in mind, we commemorate our 20th anniversary” (Keiko Nakamura).

Date: March 1, 2014 (Saturday)
Place: JT ART HALL Affinis (Toranomon, Tokyo)

Learning about nature, learning about life -20 years at the JT Biohistory Research Hall-

Figure Art Theater: Gauche the Cellist, the Biohistory Version

JT Biohistory Research Hall foyer exhibits

Biohistory Research: four stories (an introduction to our research); Three Expressions of Biohistory; The Biohistory Mandala; Biohistory Journal archives (20 years of articles and reports)

Three Expressions of Biohistory
Biohistory Mandala
Biohistory Archive